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Moises Di Sante, PhD

Senior Scientist, Molecular and Cell Biology

An expert in human stem cell biology, cardiac differentiation, and CRISPR/CAS9-based genome editing (ORCID, G. Scholar), Moises is building our library of human stem cells expressing fluorescent reporters.

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Silvia Cavalli, PhD

Senior scientist, Chemistry and Materials Science

An expert in the synthesis and bioconjugation of soft materials of small molecules (ORCID, G.Scholar), Silvia is building our engineered cell culture platforms.


Francesco S. Pasqualini, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Industrial Bioengineering

University of Pavia

Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Via Ferrata 3, 27100 Pavia (PV), Italy

Phone: +39 0382 98 5458


Bio: I am an engineer of cells and tissues by training currently building a vertically integrated research team spanning Physical and Life Sciences.

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Sandipan Chattaraj, PhD

Post-doc, Biopolymer Physics 

An expert in polymer physics and coarse-grained particle dynamics (ORCID, G. Scholar), Sandipan is building our subcellular element modeling framework.


Eloisa Torchia, BS

PhD student,
Design Modeling and Simulation in Engineering

Eloisa is working on using liquid handling automation for the manufacturing of engineered cell culture platforms such as organoids and organs-on-chips 


Melissa Pezzotti, MS

PhD student, 

Design Modeling and Simulation in Engineering

Melissa is working on advanced microscopy techniques for tissue engineering. She is developing our light-sheet microscope equipped with remote refocusing capabilities

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Alice Albini

Projects admin

MD Communication & Media, UNIPV