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Data Fused Quality Index for Stem Cells. U.S. Utility 14/913,925 filed 02/23/16 Pub#2016-0203262

From the PI's time at Harvard.

Licensed to Emulate, Inc.

Engineering Physiologically Accurate Fibrous Organ Scaffolds. U.S. Prov. Appl. 62/586,520 - 11/15/2017

From the PI's time at Harvard

Computer-implemented method for designing an organ-on-chip device and computer-implemented method for analyzing the behavior of an organ-on-chip device. (IT) 10 2020 000010678

From University of Pavia



Synthetic Physiology Lab @ GitHub

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COBRA: Cytoskeletal Organization and Benchmarking and Representation Assay

Software developed during the PI's time at Harvard, published in Stem Cell Reports and Nature Medicine papers. Mostly available at: (see paper #71)

Grandi-Pasqualini-Bers Model of Human Cardiac Myocytes

Software developed during the PI's time in Ancona, the GPB computational model of the human ventricular action potential and calcium transient was published in JMMC (2010). Available