Our Culture

The way we roll - take it, or leave it.

Memento Mori:

Live: We only do what makes us come alive - the World doesn't need more passive passengers.

Love: We do what we do for our loved ones, not ourselves - we don't need the ego.

Matter: We strive to be helpful - we don't care to be (just) right.

Be an engineer, build a better future:

We do not care if your background is not in engineering.

We welcome a diversity of inputs on how to build a better future.


We will relentlessly build that future, tho: so you better like to build.

Tell the truth, as soon as possible:

We do not lie or omit – We show courage and make sure the truth is heard.

We appreciate the difference between our opinions and the truth


We love bad news – Bad news is an opportunity for impact.

Make teammates, not co-workers:

We love our teammates: we are honest with them and we want them to succeed.

We train our teammates well enough that they can get a job anywhere.

We treat our teammates well enough that they rather stay with us.

Build solutions, not gadgets:

We identify problems and build solutions.

We don’t seek problems that our gadgets can fix.

We do what’s needed, not what’s easy.

Keep the main thing the main thing:

We identify the single most important determinant of success: the main thing.

We give 80% of our calendar real estate to the main thing.

We let all other distractions fight for the remaining 20%

Fail Fast, Fail Cheap, Learn Secrets:

We seek secrets that turn impossible tasks into improbable ones.

We design failures as Monte Carlo steps in the hunt for secrets.

We keep the cost of failing low, so we have enough resources left to win, eventually.

Play the long game, one step at a time:

We win 10 yards at a time, no Hail Mary passes.

We leverage our strengths but realize that true challenges will not bow down to them.

We confront our weaknesses, so we can raise to meet true challenges.

Give excellence, pretend excellence, inspire greatness:

We set high standards for everything we do.

We elevate the standards of our teammates.

We let our teammates elevate our standards.

Bring joy to the struggle:

We acknowledge the struggle of doing hard things: finding secrets, building the future.

We respect the struggle by keeping good care of our bodies and minds.

We show up with energy and a smile, so we don’t add to each other struggle.

Inspired by Feynman’s Surely you are joking Mr. Feynman; Thiel’s From Zero to One; Horowitz’s The hard thing about hard things; Grove’s High-output management; Burchard’s High Performance Habits. Duarte’s HBR guide to persuasive presentations.